Wednesday, May 21, 2014

6 Naughty Reasons to Meditate

When I first heard that meditation was a key aspect to yoga, I was not at all interested. Who has time to meditate anyways? By the time I got to Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) one of the homework assignments was to meditate for 10 minutes a day, so I decided to be a goody good and give it a shot. Ever since then I have become a meditation addict! We all know that meditation is good for your health and all that jazz, but there are lots of fun and naughty reasons to meditate too!
The Naughty Yogi Spotted in the Wild Meditating and Doing the Chin Mudra Incorrectly 
Without further ado here are 6 Naught Reasons to Meditate: 

1. An excuse to do nothing? 

My slothful side can't wait for meditation, because it is an awesome excuse on a daily basis to do nothing. Also, "not now honey, I need to go meditate," is a great line to get out of confrontations, obligations, household chores and all sorts of things. Just kidding about that last part... sort of...

2. You can do it anywhere!

Yes, the traditional method is on your rump, crossed legged as seen in my picture, but you can really meditate anywhere. I prefer sitting on a meditation cushion to avoid any tension in the lower back, and it feels like sitting on a cloud of comfort as my hips and back open. You can meditate anywhere though! In bed, on a chaise lounge, floating in a pool, walking. There are no strict rules to meditation as long as you are making some sort of effort to clear your mind, close your eyes and let go.  

3. It makes you look cool...

Meditation is like the new smoking! You look sooo totally zen doing it. Okay, this really is a terrible one, but who doesn't think that people look totally awesome when they meditate? 

4. With a drink? 

A student in my YTT class shared the story of a co-worker who told her on his smoking break that he meditates everyday... with a glass of white wine. Sure, why not? Sip on your cocktail or whatever beverage, close your eyes and slip away. It really tunes you into the enjoyment of the drink and moment. However, I don't recommend doing this one everyday! 

Add some fun to a meditation with a tasty cocktail like this "Clean Monday"!
Ingredients: cucumber & mint-infused gin, St. Germain and Cava!
5. Meditation is the only thing that is good for you that requires no effort! 

It seems to most of us all that all good things take a tremendous amount of effort. Meditation is the only thing I can think of that is good for you that you just sit around and reap the health benefits. Meditation is the perfect exercise for someone who wants to work on their health, but would rather just sit around and do nothing.  

6. No one can tell if you suck at it. 

I can't say for certain, but I think most people suck at meditating at first. As easy as it may sound, it is tremendously difficult to clear your head. Also, for some of us it can prove a challenge to find a quiet place and time to meditate daily. Stick with it, don't judge yourself and know that every person who meditates has experienced the same difficulties. You are not a freak of nature if your mind wanders off every other minute like mine tends to do. 

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